Seller’s Checklist


Review your home. Throw away, store away. Then do it again. 


Review. Throw away, store away, remove, and tidy. Everything. 


Deep clean from top to bottom. Windows, upholstery, carpet, refrigerator, oven - yes, 
buyers open them. Vacuum and wipe down everything. Empty trash daily. 


The least expensive, most effective thing you can do in addition to cleaning and 
organizing is paint. A fresh coat in a neutral color can enhance your property. 


Light equals space. Prior to showings, wash windows, raise blinds, and turn on lights. 
Add lamps to brighten dark rooms or corners. 


Make simple repairs such as paint and spackling touch ups, replace light bulbs, cracked 
windows, and fix leaky faucets. 


Keep your front entrance and lawn neat and inviting with potted plants. 


Any personal property not included in the sale should be removed including lighting, 
window treatments, and pets; as well as all pet bowls and litter boxes. 


Hire a professional, licensed inspector prior to putting your home on the market to find 
and eliminate potential problems before they become a buyer’s issue. 


By law, sellers must disclose existing structural and mechanical problems, flooding and 
other defects. Withholding this information can lead to litigation after the close of the sale.

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